Hi, my name is Silas.
I can put text into rectangles.

I'm a 24 year old Frontend developer and computer science student at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. I love to create things that make the communcation with technology enjoyable. I'm fascinated by the ability to solve problems with modern technology and great usability. Because of that interest, I've been building websites and experiments since I was 16. This website shows a little bit of what I've build.



mar 2020 - today

Tutor for Web Development

I helped students solve their assignments with topics like NodeJS, Express and REST.

oct 2019 - mar 2020

Working Student at oddity

I helped building microsites for Mercedes Benz, Festo and internal purposes, like the agency website.

mar 2019 - aug 2019

Frontend Development Internship at oddity

I learned and solidified my knowledge of JavaScript, React and collaborative programming. I also explored NextJS and PWAs and helped maintaining client projects.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself.
Now it's your turn.